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Bone marrow transplantation in Iran (Taleghani Hospital)


Doctors at the Bone Marrow Transplant Program at Taleghani Hospital (Tehran-Iran) as a second center have performed more than 500 blood marrow transplants in the Iran.

Clinical use of bone marrow transplantation  was first developed at Taleghani Hospital more than 6 years ago (established at 2007 with 7 beds starting with autologous transplantation and then other types), under the direction of Abbas.Hajifathali, MD and Associate Professor of hematology and bone marrow transplant. Currently BMT at this hospital support up to 20 beds (fully equipped, double door with laminar air flow).  The diseases we treat most often with transplants are lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and acute leukemia. We are also advancing the use of transplants for other cancers, bone marrow deficiencies, inborn errors of metabolism, and immune disorders. Read about the transplant treatment process  when you have a transplant here.


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