Forthcoming Events

Forthcoming Events

  Blood and marrow transplantation and cellular therapy educational seminars, from the clinic to the laboratory


  Collaboration with University of Shahid Beheshty , Tarbiat Modares and

   Iranian blood transfusion organization.

  Place: Nour Conference hall- Taleghani Hospital

 Time: Every Wednesday 9.30 – 11.30 am

Contact information: For more information and  registration please contact Dr.Roshandel

  Tel: +98-21-23031594

 GSM: +98 912 357 1263












Session 1: what is bone marrow transplantation and Hematopoietic stem cell therapy?

By : Dr. A.Hajifathami / Dr.M.Soleimani

Date: 10 June 2015

Session 2: Immunogenetics of allogeneic HSCT and choice of donor according to HLA typing and stem cell source.

By: Dr. A.Hajifathami / Dr.A.Sayad

Date: 17 June 2015

Session 3: Cord blood Hematopoietic cell transplant and cord blood banks.

By: Dr. A.Hajifathami / Dr.M.Nikougoftar

Date: 24 June 2015

Session 4: mobilization from molecular and clinical point of view.

By: Dr.M.Mehdizadeh / Dr.A.Atashi

Date:1 July 2015

Session 5: Hematopoietic stem cell gathering, clinical and laboratory point of view.

By: Dr.M.Mehdizadeh

Date: 22 July 2015

Session 6: Minor manipulation in collection.

By: Dr.M.Mehdizadeh

Date: 29 July 2015

Session 7: saving stem cells.

By: Dr.M.Soleimani

Date: 5 August 2015

Session 8: pluripotency and its application on  CD133 and CD34.

By: Dr.N.Vazifeh Shiran

Date: 19 August 2015

Session 9: Idiopathic pneumonia syndrome  (IPS).

By: Dr.N.Vazifeh Shiran

Date: 26 August 2015

Session 10: The Immunology of bone marrow transplant.

By: Dr.Mehdi Elahbakhshian

Date: 2 September 2015

Session 11: Immune responses to allografts.

By: Dr.Sima Shahmohammadi

Date: 16 September 2015

Session 12: Regulatory T-Cells in HSCT.

By: Dr.Sima Shahmohammadi

Date: 23 September 2015

Session 13: T reg therapy in transplantation:moving to clinic.

By: Dr.Mehdi Allah Bakhshian

Date: 8 October 2015

Session 14: Dendritic cells in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

By: Dr.Hashemi

Date: 14 October 2015

Session 15: Conditioning.

By: Dr.Sayeh Parkhideh

Date: 28 October 2015

Session 16: Haemovigilance (Blood components, indication and contraindication of transfusion, transfusion associated reactions).

By: Dr.Majid Mokhtari

Date: 11 November 2015

Session 17: Transfusion support in patients undergoing HSCT.

By: Dr.Majid Mokhtari

Date: 17 November 2015

Time: 9.30 am-11.30 pm

Session 18: Supportive care in HSCT.

By: Mr.M.Amini

Date: 25 November 2015

Time: 9.30 am-11.30 pm

Session 19: Supportive care in HSCT: Blood products from request to injection.

By: Mr.M.Amini

Date: 9 December 2015

Time: 9.30 am-11.30 pm

Session 20: chemotherapy principles from Nurses’ Point of View.

By: Mr.M.Amini

Date: 16 December 2015

Time: 11.30 am-12.30 pm

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